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Stephen Basset
William Saunders
George Noory
Richard Dolan
A. J. Gevaerd
Gary Heseltine
Linda Moulton Howe
John Burroughs
George Knapp
Peter Robbins
Paul Stonehill
The Press Conference
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Don't miss out on Richard Dolan's "Best live presentation ever!" Paul Stonehill's Martian revelations, Llinda Mouton Howe's Live witness bombshells! Exclusives from George Noory and more! All remastered and sounding great! Get the entire 10 DVD set, shipped free - only 99.00!

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LAST year's X-Conference could be truly historical!

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Entire set of 16 (Includes the Press Conference)
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The Following DVDs and are INCLUDED!:

1. Richard Dolan
2. Colin Andrews
3. Alfred Webre, JD
4. Dr. Roger Leir
5. Joe Montaldo
6. Graham Hancock
7. Art Campbell
8. Nick Pope
9. Dr. Michael Salla

10. George Noory
11. Dr. Edgar Mitchell
12. Paola Harris
13. Debate: Dr. John Alexander and       
      Stephen Bassett
14. Jeff Peckman / Victor Viggiani
15. Activist Panel
16. April 20th Press Conference

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