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Earth Energy
Places of Peace and Power.

One man’s amazing journey, across a planet, across a lifetime. . . This is another Brand New release in “The Sedona Series” of enlightening and fun DVD’s from Ronald James Television, and it’s really special...

Do you believe the Earth is a living being?

Do you believe that there are places on the planet where mysterious energies can have profound effects on the human being? Then this DVD is for you. 

Let us tell you an amazing story. 25 years ago, a man named Martin Gray left behind his comfortable business and lifestyle, and embarked on an incredible journey.

Sometimes by bicycle, sometimes on foot, Martin set out to visit over 1000 Sacred Sites in over 100 countries around the world.  In the true tradition of a nomad, he retraced the pilgrimage routes of the ancient and modern religions.  He photographed and documented these sites and founded the most elaborate web site on the subject, He is undoubtedly the world’s foremost expert in the field.

The Sedona Series of DVDs is for people who seek enlightenment and expansion.  If you love the Earth, then Martin Gray is someone you absolutely have to meet.  What many couldn’t even imagine, Martin has done.

Join Martin Gray as he shares the lessons of his amazing 20-plus year pilgrimage to the world’s most Sacred and Powerful Places.  Martin has discovered unique insights about our planet, and indeed, our very existence, that will astound you.

Experience the incredible beauty of centuries of monuments and shrines.  You’ll see al of the well known Sacred Sites, and whole bunch you’ve never seen or even don’t know exist.

Discover the true magic of Earth Energy. Learn how the Sacred Sites can affect you.  The power, magic and beauty of the planet await you.


Martin's Love for the Planet is contagious.
His understanding is astounding.
You will see Sacred Places that will take your breath away. You will see sacred sites of all the world's religions, past and present.
All over the world, these places have power.
The classic Pyramids of Giza...
To the Places of Tibet and more!


Sedona Series:
Earth Energy

Your DVD Is Beautifully Packaged
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Enchanting...  The Power of Crystals
On DVD - Playable Worldwide

"The Power of Crystals"
is a fascinating journey through the knowledge of  two people who love what they do and know as much about the Metaphysical and Energetic side of Crystals as anyone.

This is the one video you really should have if you've ever been curious about using crystals to enrich your energy and your life. We go over around 30 types of crystals, explaining their special properties and how to use them. You will see a crystal healing demonstration.  Paul shares his technique for connecting with the greater good and using the Crystals to enhance healing energy at specific points on the body. 

Alana demonstrates how she uses a grid of crystals to enhance the levels of her meditations, and how you can, too.  Then we visit with a shadowy figure telling us what he knows about secret government experiments to harness the power of crystals. You will be surprised what Uncle Sam is up to. Running time is over an hour, and it's packed with information.

The shots are really great, and we teach you the significance, properties and use of each type of crystal.
Have you been interested in learning more about the properties of crystals? Ever wonder what type is best for what need? How to set up a room?  Get this insightful, professionally produced DVD.

Whether you are an accomplished lover and practitioner of crystal methods or just interested, this DVD is a must have for your collection. Great graphics, great music and great lessons.  There’s nothing else like it.  Enjoy! 

This a beautiful table of Crystals.
You'll  learn about all of them.
Paul and Alana both make their living working with Crystals. You're really going to like them.
The Crystal Healing demonstration is heartfelt and in-depth. There is also a great section on using Crystals to
enhance Meditation.
How far back does Crystal Technology go? How advanced did it get? What does the government know now? What are they doing? The answers are very interesting...

Sedona Series:
The Power of Crystals

Your DVD Is Beautifully Packaged
And Makes A Great Gift!

Amazing as the story unfolds... 
Introduction to Sacred Geometry -
 on DVD - Playable Worldwide

"Introduction to Sacred Geometry, a re-emerging paradigm  for our times..."

"What if I told you that the very fabric of the universe, the essence of all you see, only exists because of a very profound order? What if I told you that certain repeating mathematical formulas create the foundation of all matter, from atoms to galaxies?"

"This is the heart of what we call "Sacred Geometry." When you begin to understand the uncanny relationship between mathematics and all of the physical universe, you will begin to realize that Sacred Geometry may very well provide the answer that science has been looking for, the logical conclusion that leads us to . . . Divinity."

Aya is a world-renowned Mandala Artist who has also won praise for his amazing knowledge and teaching of the subject of Sacred Geometry. In this DVD, Aya cleverly weaves the universe's most revealing story in a way that is both informative and entertaining. As the pieces fall into place, you will find yourself astonished at the incredible implications of this re-emerging science. Pay attention, get ready to say, "WOW".

Chapters cover * The Golden Ratio, Phi, The Fibonacci Series, Sacred Geometry in music, The 5 Platonic Solids, The 13 Archimedean Solids, and 7 other chapters that will leave you looking at the world in a whole new way.  There was a time when the phrase "Sacred Geometry" implied some odd Metaphysical  belief, but now, Sacred Geometry is showing science proof of intelligent design of our universe, this is really exciting stuff.

Sedona Series:
Sacred Geometry

AYA - against a backdrop of his amazing Sacred Geometry Mandalas,
demonstrates a Vesica Pisces
The Golden Ratio, also called "Phi", is present everywhere. Here, in a rose.
The Golden Ratio in ancient sculpture,
as well as the very proportion
of the entire human body.
As you multiply any of several of the basic Sacred Geometry numbers, the resulting shapes form complex patterns. This is Sacred Geometry in DNA

Your DVD Is Beautifully Packaged
And Makes A Great Gift!

"Hello, My name is Martin Gray. I am a yoga teacher and massage therapist, and I specialize in the ailments and injuries of the tendons and muscles of the hands, wrists and forearms.

My interest in this subject began about twenty years ago when I started to experience pain in my own hands, wrists and forearms.  I consulted a number of doctors, including orthopedic surgeons, osteopaths, and sports medicine specialists. All of these professionals asked me how often I worked with my hands. When they learned that I did 4 to 6 hours of body work a day, in addition to juggling 2 hours a day, they told me, “you are having pain in your hands and wrists due to "Overuse Syndrome.”  Then they made the suggestion that I should lessen the number of hours of strenuous bodywork I did each day… Of course, this was not a practical suggestion for the reason that I made my living using my hands.

Therefore, I decided to try another approach to free my hands and wrists from pain. That approach was to increase the flexibility and strength of my hands and also to begin a consistent program of self-massage of my forearms and hands. Within two months of beginning these practices, my hands, wrists and forearms were entirely free from pain.

Next, in order to gauge the effectiveness of this approach, over a period of five years, I taught the exercises and massage techniques to hundreds of other people who worked with their hands. The results were extraordinary. Dentists and surgeons, musicians and sculptors, typists and massage therapists, and many other people who made a living with their hands all experienced rapid and lasting benefits from doing the healthy hands program.

 The program combines self-therapy massage techniques with a variety of strengthening and flexibility exercises. The program produces strong, supple, pain-free hands, wrists and forearms, and develops a greater ease and efficiency of movement, whether it be for piano playing, dental surgery, tennis or massage. The healthy hands exercises are easy to learn and require only 10 minutes to do… In addition to their healing and strengthening benefits, the healthy hands exercises also develop an extraordinary degree of awareness and sensitivity in the hands.

The instructional material in this DVD is divided into 6 main sections. In each of these sections I will demonstrate the exercises and therapy techniques that you may do on your own hands, wrists and forearms.  I suggest that you do these exercises 2 or 3 times each week. The Healthy Hands exercises are so easy to perform that they can be done while you are relaxing, watching TV, or any other time while you are sitting down. If you are a massage therapist, you may also want to use these techniques when you are working on other peoples’ hands and forearms. In the final section of this DVD, I will also speak about an extraordinary method of approaching pain from a mental perspective." 

If you make a living with your hands, have Healthy Hands.

Sedona Series:
Healthy Hands

Your DVD Is Beautifully Packaged
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Fun, Entertaining and Packed with Information!
-  on DVD - Playable Worldwide

Everyone knows Sedona is the New Age Capital of the World.  Here, you find the best psychics, readers, healers and the most metaphysical people anywhere. This is another Brand New release in “The Sedona Series” of enlightening and fun DVD’s from Ronald James Television.  It's not yet available in stores.

Meet Gigi, a professional Tarot Reader.  Unlike readers who do mostly phone and web work, the readers of Sedona do most of their work face to face.  So, in order to get paid and have repeat clients, they have to be good.

Gigi is going to take you on a fun journey through the basics of Tarot, using the standard Tarot configuration of the Major Arcana and Four Suits.  We go over every single card and the potential and likely representations of the card.  We also cover timing and other aspects of a reading.  You will see a live reading, and also join student Kim as she learns the cards and does her first Tarot spread. 

Gigi also stresses the importance of using the cards as a vehicle for intuition and developing your own abilities around the cards.  The instruction will work with any Tarot Deck. 

We taped this DVD with four cameras, so you have excellent views of the lessons. It has a great set of graphics and cool music too.  The DVD is menu indexed so that you can go right to the section you want to study or reference.  Are you part of the awakening of mankind?  Are you ready to receive the divine messages Tarot Cards facilitate?  Whether you are an accomplished reader or just interested, this DVD is a must have for your collection. Great graphics, great music and great lessons.  There’s nothing else like it.  Enjoy!

Sedona Series:
Lessons in Tarot

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What is it to be psychic?

What’s it like to meet a stranger and know them completely? How does it feel to see spirits and channel angels? How does a person use such mystical talents? What is the psychic’s message for you?

What It Is To Be Psychic answers these question and many more. In these fascinating conversations drawn from the best episodes of “The Sedona Psychic Experience” you’ll learn about the rewards and challenges of growing up with this gift and the passage to becoming a world-class intuitive. Join our audience members as we cover such subjects as medical intuitives, twin souls, crystals and healing sound. The DVD concludes with a powerful, dramatic channeled message to the world from the unseen realms.

Sedona Series:
What is it to be Psychic?

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Crystal Use And Awareness


Enjoy the beauty and power of crystals while enhancing your body work.

This DVD and CD collection will teach you how to:
- Increase your understanding of crystals
- Improve the energy and care of your crystals
- Incorporate crystals into your treatment
- Enhance your intuition
- Increase your awareness of energy within yourself and between you and your clients
- Develop methods for sending and recieving energy
- Individual and partnered exercises in crystal awareness and energy work.

This fun and interactive video and audio course will provide you with many tools to improve your work and your life. Enjoy the beauty and energy of crystals. Provide you and your clientele with a more relaxing, deeper healing session with less effort.

Sedona Series:
Crystal Use And Awareness

Your DVD Is Beautifully Packaged
And Makes A Great Gift!

How To Meet Your Spirit Guides

"Simply Amazing!"
This Wonderful Two Disc Set Will Enchant You!

Welcome to "A Spiritual Experience" in a box. Spirit Guides. The subject of ancient beliefs and modern practices. You are about to meet claudia Coronado. Claudia is a gifted psychic who has spent her entire life exploring spiritual mysteries.

How to meet your guides is an incredible journey into questions, answers, and your own heart, which will always know the truth.

This amazing Two Disc Set includes an interview with claudia on DVD. It is set against beautiful backgrounds of Sedona. Here she shares secrets of life and the mystery of why we are here. Her insights will not tread on your beliefs, but might serve to enhance your own view of the universe and your place in it.

After getting to know Claudia and hearing her amazing revelations, relax, put on on your CD player and get ready for a spiritual journey all your own.

Enjoy the process, your guides will show themselves to you in the best possible form, one knowingly prepared just for you. We work with an inner tool called "your inner house". This house represents you in all aspects. Be surprised and allow yourself to receive.

Remember that you might think, you make all what you experience up and that it is an illusion. Well, what isn't? Proof comes when you least expect it and the more you trust your guides, the more they will tell you.

Enjoy your journey and remember, you experience is unique, just like you!

Sedona Series:
How To Meet Your Spirit Guides

Your DVD Is Beautifully Packaged
And Makes A Great Gift!

The Sound of Stillness
Pure Tones for Clearing

A story and on-camera performance that will amaze you... An Audio CD that will resonate to the center of your world...

In this exclusive two disc set, you will meet Mark Patterson. In the DVD, you'll first share his amazing story. Beginning with a near death experience, Mark awakened with uncanny new abilities and spiritual insight.

One of these abilities was a new gift for creating deeply unique and highly effective tones and sounds from the core of his being. As you watch him perform these powerful tones, you will be astounded.

The audio CD is excellent for Indigo and Crystal children it will enable them to become more focused, balanced, and centered.

The CD is also a must if you a yoga instructor, massage therapist, chiropractor, or in any field of the healing arts. The overtones on this CD will simply "Clear Out" your space in a matter of minutes.

Mark Patterson recieved his ability to heal through sound in his near death experience. His remarkable vocal toning is a gift that is from the Elhoiem. (Celestial Chior) These angelic beings produce sounds, frequencies, and harmonics through Mark, that are amazing. These sounds range from the high pitched tibetan singing bowls, to the guttural sounds for the tibetan monks of Guyoto.

The are other sounds that are dolphin-like. Many people report seeing "waves" of light that come from the top of Mark's head during his toning. These sounds are of a divine nature and they heal. While the sounds on the CD are very powerful, nothing compares to an actual "Celestial Overtones" experience with Mark. Thank you for listening. Namaste~

Sedona Series:
The Sound of Stillness


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