CD / DVD Duplication Services
When it comes to top quality CD and DVD duplications in runs of 500 or under, we're different. Really different. The reason is the look and feel of our finished product. It's virtually indistinguishable from retail ready media that was done in large quantities..
That's a big deal when you want quality product but don't need thousands of them sitting in your garage.

Less expensive than anyone we've found on the web, apples to apples, dollar for dollar, you'll get more with us!


Duplication VS Replication: Disc duplication is a process of creating DVDs or CDs by a means very similar to how you might
burn a CD on your own computer. Replication is a process in which discs are created in a manufacturing manner, pressing the layer containing the data directly into a disc as it is created. In order to be cost effective, Replication requires large minimum orders.

Until recently, Small quantity runs of Duplicated discs showed obvious differences when compared to bigger runs. Things like paper labels on the disc and no practical way to package them for resale made them less appealing to those interested in having a product that was ready to place on store shelves or be sent to clients. But we all know that it's not always practical to order 500 or 1000 of
a disc, especially when it's a new release, limited release or even a shortage of funds. Now, however, there is no need to compromise. We use the latest technology to create short run CD and DVD media that is beautifully packaged, quality controlled and ready in less than week! Here's some information about our process, our prices and some helpful information and templates to get you started!

Our state-of-the-art equipment assures perfect quality and FAST turnaround (7 days or less!)

Our Robotic Duplicators make quick work of any quantity.  Not only that, each disc is electronically verified for
perfect quality!

Our Thermal Inkjet Printers lay down a beautiful print directly
on the disc!
  No more paper labels.  They look great!

Our State of the Art Color Printer puts a shiny finish on your package, which is then machine-cut to fit your cases.

Pricing: We also have great prices on larger quantities of replicated discs, call us for a custom quote!
Based on Customer Supplied Art CDs, packaged as described. Contact us for a custom quote on other packaging options.


CDs, basic copy, PRINTED
on spindle or boxed

CDs, in slim case with two sided single insert, shrink wrapped

CDs, in traditional jewel case with two sided front insert, tray card in back, shrink wrapped


Ea:  $1.75

Total:  $43.75

Ea:  $3.25

Total:  $81.25

Ea:  $3.75

Total:  $93.75


Ea:  $1.55

Total:  $77.50

Ea:  $2.80

Total:  $140.00

Ea:  $3.45

Total:  $172.50


Ea:  $1.00

Total:  $100.00

Ea:  $2.25

Total:  $225.00

Ea:  $2.65

Total:  $265.00


Ea:  $0.89

Total:  $222.50

Ea:  $1.95

Total:  $487.50

Ea:  $2.25

Total:  $562.50


Ea:  $0.79

Total:  $316.00

Ea:  $1.45

Total:  $580.00

Ea:  $1.75

Total:  $700.00



DVDs, basic copy, printed and on spindle or boxed

DVDs, in slim case with two sided single insert, shrink wrapped

DVDs, in traditional book case with full color sleeve -shrink wrapped


Ea:  $1.95

Total:  $48.75

Ea:  $3.45

Total:  $86.25

Ea : $4.30

Total:  $107.50


Ea:  $1.75

Total:  $87.50

Ea:  $3.00

Total:  $150.00

Ea:  $4.10

Total:  $205.00


Ea:  $1.20

Total:  $120.00

Ea:  $2.45

Total:  $245.00

Ea:  $3.85

Total:  $385.00


Ea:  $1.09

Total:  $272.50

Ea:  $2.15

Total:  $537.50

Ea:  $3.25

Total:  $812.50


Ea:  $.99

Total:  $396.00

Ea:  $1.65

Total:  $660.00

Ea:  $2.95

Total:  $1180.00

It is important to submit material in a format that is ready for us to duplicate and print.  Here is all of the information you need, in
addition to great templates to make everything easy for you.  We also offer design services and much more.  You will find details of these services below as well. 


CD and DVD Package Design:  Download these handy templates and you will be able to make sure everything is sized properly.  If you don't use the actual templates, do your package design in CMYK color and save it as a JPEG or TIFF.

Once you have used these templates to create your cover art, save the file (PRESERVE LAYERS) send it on a CD marked ART along with your master.  

Here is a valuable TIP SHEET that you should download for additional information on preparing your project.

Download README File

If you have any questions, call Ron at 928-300-5278

CD Jewel Case

Front Template for Photoshop
Front Template for Illustrator
Tray Card Template for Photoshop
Tray Card Template for Illustrator

On-Disc Print:

Disc Template Photoshop
Disc Template Illustrator

DVD Case:
Outside Box - Standard Case Photoshop
Outside Box - Standard Case Illustrator

Additional Services:
Unless otherwise noted, hourly rate is $60.00
DVD Authoring:  If you aren't in the position to master your DVD, just send us your source material and let us know how it should lay out.  We'll design a menu with chapters and options, encode your video and put the whole thing together. 

Package and Graphic Design:  We have award winning graphic artists who can take the elements you provide and integrate them in and industry standard format.

ISBN and Bar Code Services:  Any retail product should have a Bar Code and sometimes an ISBN number.  We can provide the proper registration and your own custom graphic to implement into your package.  Cost for this service is $85.00 per code.

Video Production & Editing:  Should you need to revise or produce your project, you will not find a better Video Facility anywhere in Northern Arizona.  With four High Definition Video Cameras and 3000 square feet of studio shooting space, there is nothing we can't do.  Various hourly rates apply.

When you have your project ready, you can drop it off locally at our studio (call for directions and an appointment) or send it to:
Sedona Media Company * PO Box 1194 Sedona, AZ 86339 * Call us at 928-300-5278
with any questions or if you need further instructions.  Thanks for visiting Sedona Media Company

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